Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Hi and welcome to my blog! I don't really know where to begin so I'll start with a bit about me.

My name is Holly and I am from a small seaside village in Britain. I am sixteen, I have just left school and I am now preparing for college (or high school) which I start in September. As I said I live by the sea and so a lot of my time is spend at the beach (and the ice-cream parlour on the promenade). I love make up and beauty and art and painting and photography and I really like reading and baking too.

The main reason that I decided to write a blog is that I am painfully shy. In my mind I'm really confident and chatty and outgoing but when it comes to talking to someone that I don't really know I can barely get my words out. I don't even know why, it makes no sense to me whatsoever, and it's one things that really annoys me about myself. I have so many ideas and opinions, I just can't say them out loud. I was hoping that writing a blog would be a way for my to share those ideas and opinions without having to worry about who may be listening to me.

So thats me! I would love to know something about you too. I would love it if I could possibly make a few friends while writing this blog but being able to write a talk freely about the things I love and potentially have someone listening to me is more than I could ever hope for. Let's see where this goes. Until next time...

Holly x